gigs in 2023:

Edinburgh International Harp Festival, UK- April 7-11
Harfentage at Proitzer Mühle, DE - April 13-16
Harfentreffen, Freusburg/Siegen, DE - June 8-11
Somerset Folk Harp Festival, Parsippany, US - July 20-23
Nordic Harp Meeting, Viljandi, EE - October 12-15

gigs in 2022:

US tour - Jan 1-10
Drone Music Denmark, Odense, DK - March 11-13
Nijmegen, NL (workshop and concert) - April 16
Summer Harp Festival (online) - June 18-20
Trollhättan Early Music Days, SE - May 12-15
Tønsberg Medieval Festival, NO - June 3-5
Visby Medieval Week, SE - August 7-14

gigs in 2021:

Edinburgh International Harp Festival (online) . April 9-12
Summer Harp Festival (online) - June 18-20

Somerset Folk Harp Festival (online) - July 22-25
Medieval Week of Gotland - August 8-15
Trollhättan Early Music Days - September 23-25
THE 2021 ALL-EUROPEAN HARP TOUR (Erik together with Adriano Sangineto, Anouk Platenkamp and Dimitri Boekhoorn)
The 14th Nordic Harp Meeting - October 21-24 (Erik, Adriano, Anouk)
TOUR IN EUROPE (Made possible with funding by Konstnärsnämnden - The Swedish Arts Grants Institute):
Workshop and concert in Nijmegen, NL (Erik, Adriano, Anouk, Dimitri) - Oct 26 (Please contact Anouk Platenkamp for ticket reservations and workshop information!)
Concert in Ev. Dorfkirche Rees-Mehr, DE (Erik, Adriano, Anouk) - Oct 27, 20:00 (Ticket reservations here)
Concert at die Grüne Harfe, Körle, DE (Erik, Adriano, Anouk) - Oct 28, 20:00
Workshops and concert at Capodanno Celtico, Busto Arsizio, IT (Erik) - Oct 31 (information about the workshop HERE)
Concert in San Giovanni, Torino - Nov 1

gigs in 2020:

Ice Music concert in Munich, Germany - January 10
Harp workshop in Germany - March 14-15
Harp Concert in Pjätteryd Church - March 15
Corona Concert #1 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - March 20
Corona Concert #5 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - April 17
Concert in Mehr, Germany - April 24
Harp workshop and concert at the Zingende Snaar harp store, Rhenen, Netherlands - April 26
Early Music Festival in Trollhättan, Sweden - May 7-10
Corona Concert #8 (streamed on Culture Stream Malmö) - May 8
Corona Concert #9 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - May 15
Corona Concert #11 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - May 29
Corona Concert #14 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - June 19
Corona Concert #16 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - July 3
Summer Harp Camp in Viljandi, Estonia - July 14-16
Korrö Folk Music Festival, Sweden - July 23-26
Corona Concert #19 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - July 24
Medieval Week on Gotland, Sweden - August 1-9

Corona Concert #22 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - August 14
Corona Concert #24 (streamed on Dråm's Facebook page) - August 28
Concert in Mehr/Rees (Dorfkirche), Germany - September 18 (Limited space - book your ticket here)
Workshop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands - September 19 (Information here)
Concert with Dråm at the Music Museum, Copenhagen (part of Urkraft festival) - October 4, 15:00
Rendsburger Harfentage, Rendsburg, Germany - October 9-11
Nordic Harp Meeting, Albertslund, Denmark - November 5-8

previous years

The less said about 2020 the better...

was yet another busy year, starting with teaching at the Harp Academy in a gloriously snowed-in Oslo, followed by a US tour in April (and back to the Somerset Festival in July) and some trips to Germany (most notably workshops at Proitzer Mühle and Rendsburger Harfentage). I also had the joy of playing again at Piping Live in Glasgow and visiting the Nordic Harp Meeting in Gjøvik, Norway, but the favorite tour of 2019 has to be the month-long trip to China as part of Terje Isungset's Ice Music project, playing a dozen concerts from Beijing to Hong Kong. Luckily this was just before you-know-what happened...

In 2018 I took part of the Somerset Harp Festival in New Jersey for the first time, and also returned to another of my all-time favorite festivals - the Harfentreffen in Germany. Together with other apperances at the Rendsburger Harfentage, Proitzer Harfentage, the William Kennedy Piping Festival and harp days in Stockholm, Tallinn and Malmö (to name a few) I also organized the Nordic Harp Meeting in Lund, so this was a pretty busy year!

In 2017 I visited Estonia twice - first for a harp weekend in Tallinn and then organizing and performing at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Viljandi. In the spring I taught at the Proitzer Mühle Harfentage for the first time (going back there in 2018 and 2019) and also played at the biggest Nordic-themed festival in the US, Norsk Høstfest. Finally I had the honour of being part of the amazing 3rd Virtual Harp Summit (read more about that here.)

2016 was a relatively calm year with performances/workshops mostly in Tallinn and San Francisco but also at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Denmark.

In 2015 I taught at the Dinan International Celtic Harp Festival again as well as harp events in Amsterdam, Tallinn, Munich, Los Angeles and not least the VAKA folk festival in Akureyri, Iceland!

In 2014 I went to the Nordic Harp Meeting in Norway, taught and performed at the Pentreffest festival in Cardiff, The Dusty Strings Harp Symposium in Seattle, Harfentreffen in Germany, Moniaive Folk Festival in Scotland and The Prague Harp Festival.

In the years before 2014 I taught and performed at The World Harp Congress in Amstedam, The Rio Harp Festival, Festival of Harps in California, Gooikoorts Festival, Dubrovnik Early Music Festival, Stamford Harp Festival, Odenwälder Harfentagen, Musikantentreffen, Süddeutsches Harfenfestival, International Fest of Rediscovered and Forgotten Music in Poland, Festival Tra Lago e Monti, Pentreffest in Wales, Folk Club Forlí, Lempo World Music Festival, Førde World Music Festival, and many more...